160cm big breasts young sexy beauty doll-Haileen

$1,850.00 $2,770.00
$1,850.00 $2,770.00you save $920.00

Introduction: Beauty with constant temperature intelligent heating function

Arm length: 65cm
Leg length: 88cm
Shoulder width: 36cm
Upper bust: 83cm
Lower bust: 65cm
Waist circumference: 53cm
Butt width: 92cm
Arm circumference: 14cm
Hand length: 16cm
Foot length: 21cm
Thigh length: 40cm
Thigh circumference: 48cm
Neck circumference: 27cm
Upper arm circumference: 23cm
Foot length: 24cm
Weight: 35.7kg
Haileen is a very delicate and gentle movie star on the surface. She works and lives seriously every day and plays many roles.In private, she is also a heroic and unrestrained beautiful woman.She longs to be the truest self!