AB DOLL-165cm little fat woman sex doll-Celia


Beauty introduction:

165 Little fat woman new product
Bust: 104cm
Lower bust 60cm
Waist circumference 63cm
Hips 100cm
Thigh circumference 52.5cm
Arm length 62cm
Net weight 44kg
Sole length 22cm
Package weight 52kg
Vagina depth 18cm
Hole depth 12cm
Anal depth 16cm
Packaging specifications 156*38*28

Material: Advanced TPE safety material

Function introduction:

1. It has the function of heating
2. Touch sound and simple dialogue
3. Can stand (communicate when buying)

Gift accessories: Spree: 1.Sexy lingerie 2.Comb 3.Wig 4.Gloves 5.Heating rod 6.Cleaner 7.Condom 8.Talcum powder (one each)

Packaging logistics: