AB DOLL-148cm big breasts sex doll-aimee


Beauty introduction:

Height:        148cm
Bust:         80cm
Lower bust: 58cm
Waist circumference: 48cm
Hips :           75cm
Arm length :57cm
Sole length :20cm
Net weight :26.25kg
Package weight: 33kg
Vagina depth:    18cm
Hole depth:       13cm
Anal depth :       16cm
Packing specification :138*37*30cm

Material: Advanced TPE safety material

Function introduction:

1. It has the function of heating
2. Touch sound and simple dialogue
3. Can stand (communicate when buying)

Gift accessories: Spree: 1.Sexy lingerie 2.Comb 3.Wig 4.Gloves 5.Heating rod 6.Cleaner 7.Condom 8.Talcum powder (one each)

Packaging logistics: