LM DOLL-148cm full silicone touch sound constant temperature intelligent heating sex doll-bernice


Beauty introduction:
Length: 138CM
Upper bust: 76CM
Lower bust: 57CM
Waist circumference: 48CM
Hips: 82CM
Shoulder width: 30CM
Arm length: 56CM
Palm: 17CM
Outer thigh length: 85CM
Inner thigh length: 78CM
Sole length: 19CM
Mouth depth: 12CM
Vaginal depth: 16-18CM
Anal depth: 15CM
Net weight: 30KG
Package size 137×36×28cm

Function introduction:
Full silicone standard configuration: facial S-level permanent installation + eyebrow planting and eyelash planting + movable eyes + yoga skeleton + nail-free standing + hands and feet hardened + simulation liquid milk + simulation two-color channel soft lower body + full body S-level permanent body makeup + weight loss
1. It has a 5-point touch sensor chip, stroking 2 places on the chest, 2 places on the inner thighs, and 1 place in the vagina. The doll will automatically adjust its cry according to the speed of stroking, and 15 simple sentences are built-in to interact with the owner simply.
2. It has a constant temperature intelligent heating function. It is plugged in to heat the whole body of the doll. After heating to a certain temperature, the smart chip will automatically power off, and it will automatically heat below the set temperature.
3. Can stand (communicate when buying)

Gift accessories: condom, talcum powder, wig, cleaner, bath towel, sexy underwear, comb

Packaging logistics: