SY DOLL-US In Stock-150cm Elf Cosplay Lifelike Sex Doll - Joy

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Let's get to know Joy:
She is a simulation elf sex doll made entirely of silicone; it adopts advanced yoga skeleton design to make the body more beautiful and meet the needs of various poses.
She has blue eyes, can interact with the skeleton of her fingers, has the function of shrugging, and her areola and genitals are pink.He has a jelly chest, can stand, and is more energetic and agile.

Specific parameters:
Height: 150cm flat chest full silicone
Weight: 29kg
Billing weight: 36kg
Bust: 73cm
Waist circumference: 57cm
Hips: 80cm
Lower bust: 64cm
Shoulder width: 35cm
Arm length: 48cm
Hand length: 15cm
Leg length: 72cm
Foot length: 20cm
Arm circumference: 23.5cm
Thigh circumference: 43cm
Calf circumference: 28cm
Neck circumference: 26cm
Oral depth: None
Vaginal depth: 18cm
Anal depth: 17cm
Package size: 143*40*30cm

Joy's story: One warm morning, everyone was surprised to find that more and more butterflies were flying over. There was a seat in the garden. Joy sat in it and felt the power of the butterflies' wings like a bath. The power of shining in the sun.A week later, Joy came to your side, her face gleaming with healthy light