SY DOLL-156cm full silicone flat-chested cute sex doll-dale)


Introduction: Beauty with constant temperature intelligent heating function

156 silicone data
Shoulder width: 40CM
 Neck circumference: 33CM
Bust: 100CM
 Lower bust: 67CM
 Waist: 59CM
 Weight: 46.6 (lead) kg
Packing weight: 53.5kg
Hips: 110CM
 Thigh circumference: 67CM
Calf circumference: 37CM
 Arm circumference: 25CM
 Arm length: 48CM
Palm length: 17CM
Leg length: 73CM (uniformly measured from the folds of the buttocks on the back side) Sole length: 22CM
Carton size: 147*42*34CM