SY DOLL-163cm beautiful plump real sex doll-Shiyin


Material: Advanced safety TPE

Height (Height): 163cm
Weight (Weight): 48kg
Billing weight (Billing weight): 62kg
Bust (bust): 97cm
Waist circumference (The waist): 66cm
Hip circumference (Hip): 110cm
Shoulder width (Shoulder width): 37cm
Foot length (Foot length): 22cm
Oral depth (Oral depth): 13cm
Vaginal depth (Vaginal depth): 18cm
Anal depth (Anal depth): 17cm
Package dimensions (Package dimensions): 155*45*36cm

Shiyin may not be regarded as a truly flawless woman, but no one can deny that she is a beauty. Her face is too pale, and although her eyes are bright, she is too indifferent, but her Fengshen, her temperament, is incomparable.No matter under any circumstances, she can make people feel her unique charm, no matter who has just glanced at her, they will never forget it.