SY Doll - US IN Stock 170cm 5ft7 Sex Blond Doll Silicone head - Sophie

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Sophie introduction

Height (Height): 170cm small chest
Weight: 40kg
Billing weight: 51kg
Bust (bust): 89cm
Waist (The waist): 57cm
Hips (Hip): 98cm
Under bust (Under bust): 60cm
Shoulder width: 36cm
Arm length: 51cm
Hand length: 15cm
Leg length: 80cm
Foot length: 20cm
Arm circumference: 27cm
Thigh circumference: 56cm
Calf circumference: 35cm
Neckline: 32cm
Oral depth: 13cm
Vaginal depth: 18cm
Anal depth: 17cm
Package dimensions: 159*42*34cm

Sophie's story :

Sophie's story: Her legs are not only long, but also beautiful.There is no fat on the legs, and the muscle lines are smooth. When you stretch your feet, it is like two straight lines, but when you bend your legs, it is like ripples in someone's heart.


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